I think the color red is one that’s very bold and dangerous and adventurous and daring. In the context of my music, color red signifies deep emotion, crazy emotion, passion, affection, being in love with someone, jealousy, anger all those crazy feelings. Those feelings are all very like a hundred miles per hour. Zero to a hundred. I think that my life would definitely be the color red right now; if it had to be a color because it’s just bold.


Beauty is sincerity. I think that there are so many different ways that someone can be beautiful. You know someone’s so funny that it makes them beautiful no matter how they look because they’re sincere in it.

Or someone’s really emotional and moody and thoughtful and stoic but that makes them beautiful because that’s sincerely who they are.

Or you look out into the crowd and you see someone so happy that they’re smiling from ear-to-ear and that sincerity comes through, and I think that’s what makes somebody beautiful.


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"Please don’t have somebody waiting on you."



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Allison Argent meme | 6 hairstyles [4/6]

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fifth harmony being the first girl group in the last decade to be nominated for a vma without even having an album out like when will your fave ever



Lauren’s reaction to Camila’s scatting

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